Utility Portofino

Craftmanship and fine woods for a fast and versatile boat

Giorgio Mussini starts making boats in the Eighties. At that time, his customers used to rent the classic Ligurian gozzi [link alla pagina di noleggio gozzi]. Still, they often voiced a need for a boat roomier, where children could play safely, and more stable so that they could avoid seasickness.

So, Giorgio thought of them and designed, inspired by the elegant and cosy shape of the pleasure launches sailing the Tigullio gulf in the Thirties, the Utility Portofino 5.60 metres, the “mother” of today’s models of 6.60 and 7.48 metres. A boat made entirely of wood, of timeless charm, stylish and sophisticated but also stable and smooth in the water, to enjoy the sea with the whole family, in relaxation and fun.



Technical specifications

Lunghezza / Length mt. 7.48
Larghezza / Beam mt. 2.40
Motore/ Power Diesel Hp 95
Carburante/ Fuel Capacity lt. 100
Acqua/ Fresh water lt. 100
Impianto elettrico/ Electrical Equipment 12 volts
Persone trasportabili/ Passengers 8 passeggeri entro 6 miglia dalla costa / 8 passenghers within 6 miles from coast
Categoria navigazione/ Classification C
Patente/ licence richiesta / with licence
Immatricolazione/ Registration esente / free
Lunghezza / Length mt. 6.60
Larghezza / Beam mt. 2.25
Motore/ Power Diesel Hp 27/42
Carburante/ Fuel Capacity lt. 85
Acqua/ Fresh water lt. 85
Impianto elettrico/ Electrical Equipment 12 volts
Persone trasportabili/ Passengers 7 passeggeri entro 6 miglia dalla costa / 7 passengers within 6 miles from coast
Categoria navigazione/ Classification C
Patente/ licence non richiesta/ no licence
Immatricolazione/ Registration esente / free


The unique feeling to be part of a legend

Still today, Utility Portofino fascinates boatowners from all over the world. There are Mussini’s Utility sailing in Pantelleria as well as in New York. The charm of its craftsmanship, given by the master shipwrights that passed on their craft for generations and now are extremely rare, donates unparalleled emotions..

Because to own a Utility means much more than owning a boat: it means that your love for the sea has deep roots. It means you belong to the sea, and you are proudly part of boating history. The Utility connects people, generation after generation.

Hand built, for the appreciator of sea’s delights

With an ample sundeck, but also a roomy, entirely usable cockpit; with its simple but practical white bimini top; with its hull, stable but sleek, a well-equipped dashboard, a bathing decking with ladder and shower, and with its characteristic cord saddle tank bumper, comes Utility, the most iconic boat in Portofino.

You can have lunch in the shadow of the bimini top, thanks to the cushioned benches that run for the entire perimeter of the cockpit, and to the convenient table obtained from the engine trunk.

To bathe in the sea is easy and pleasant, thanks to the aft deck equipped with a retractable ladder and a vanishing shower with freshwater.

The flat hull ensures stability, but it also has a streamlined bow and a good engine size that make the vessel fast, whilst the stern flaps optimise the sailing trim. The well-supplied dashboard makes manoeuvring simple.

The standard engine type is fitted out for fast sailing, but you can request to install engines of different power to drive Utility even without a boat licence.

Thanks to its speed, stability and versatility, Utility can also be transformed in a practical fishing boat.