Corvetta 24

Speed, stability and safety even in demanding sea conditions

Expressing that elegance and refinement which has always been our boatyard’s signature, Corvetta 24 is a boat for everyone: families, couples and groups of friends who want to spend their summer on a boat that is now an icon of Portofino and embodiment of the contemporary dolce vita.

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Technical specifications

Materiale/ Material VTR e legno/ VTR and wood
Lunghezza / Length mt. 7.50
Lunghezza f.t./ Length overall mt. 8.00
Lunghezza al gall./ Length mt. 7.12
Larghezza / Beam mt. 2.55
Larghezza f.t./ Max beam mt. 2.60
Altezza scafo/ Hull width mt. 2.10
Immersione max./ Maximum draft mt. 0.75
Dislocamento/ Displacement kg. 1.800 ca
Carburante/ Fuel Capacity lt. 140
Acqua/ Fresh water lt. 140
Motore/ Power YANMAR 4JH2DTE 125 Hp diesel
Altezza max in cabina/ Max height in cabin zona cuccette mt. 1.17
Altezza max in cabina/ Max height in cabin zona WC mt. 1.30
Persone trasportabili/ Passengers 8
Categoria navigazione/ Classification C
Omologazione/ Classifica CE
Cabine/ Cabin 1
Posti letto/ Berths 2
WC 1


An elegant boat to enjoy more often than you think

On the English lance-modeled hull, typical of our boatyard, take centre stage the details in mahogany or teak, which give the “handicraft” feeling that only wood can convey.

Although Corvetta 24 was conceived primarily for day cruises, its internal spaces' efficient design makes for an internal cabin fully equipped for an entire weekend out, allowing to expand the opportunities to relax and enjoy this boat.

Corvetta 24 is a day cruiser luxurious and fun, designed for people who want to couple comfort and speed, responsiveness and seakeeping.

Cosy for the passengers, fun for the skipper

Corvetta 24 is the natural evolution of Utility Portofino 748: with optimal manoeuvrability and stability, it is a day cruiser classic and luxurious, but innovative at the same time.

Lo The hull in VTR respects the best quality standards, requires a less labour intensive maintenance than a wooden hull, and it is finished by hand with exquisite timber species such as mahogany and teak.

The underbody is designed to exalt the boat’s speed, stability and safety even in demanding sea conditions, with its deep V-shaped bow which allows for a gentle impact with the waves.

Riders can use every centimetre of the deck: on the bow, easily accessible, there is an ample sundeck, whilst on the aft the customisable cockpit is surrounded by comfy benches with the added function of lockers or iceboxes.
The engine trunk can be transformed into a comfortable dining table, and a sink close to the pilot area gives easy access to freshwater. Also, a bimini top can be quickly set over the entire aft.

On the stern, a door gives easy access to the steel and teak decking, equipped with a ladder and an extractable shower to ensure that climbing back up from plunging in the water is easy and comfortable.

In the interior cabin, you will find two comfy berths, which house two spacious peaks, and afore, in the wider area, a sink and a WC. A closet, which can be transformed in a fridge compartment, completes the cabin.

On the pilot station all the instrumentation needed for the desired navigation style can be mounted, including GPS, bow thruster to easy the most challenging manoeuvres (an unusual piece of equipment in boats of this size), stern flaps control, windlass control, and chain counter.

In addition, analogue instruments designed in classic style keep under control the engine: a 110 hp diesel Yanmar that guarantees a cruising speed of 16 knots semi-planing and 19 knots maximum.