Boat building and luxury boat sale

In 1980, Giorgio Mussini invented Utility Portofino, a launch made entirely of wood, built with superior handicraft. To this day, Utility Portofino is our heart and soul, and we are still able to build it thanks to our boatwrights’ professionalism.

Over the years, the same passion for elegant, sturdy, high quality boats brought us to build boats with a fibreglass hull and quality woods finishing, fast and fun to drive, fit to live the sea. That is why we strive in offering you expert advice in choosing your boat, directly at the boatyard, and our boats are found in Pantelleria as well as in New York City.

Our boats: born in Portofino, they find home all over the world

The sophisticated flagship that combines sturdiness and agility
Unmistakable lines and a large, cosy cockpit
Speed, stability and safety even in demanding sea conditions
Craftmanship and fine woods for a fast and versatile boat

the electric's innovation with zero emissions

Our iconic corvetta 24 with all its main features but with an ELECTRIC MOTOR that allows you to visit our coast's wonders in total silence with the sound of the waves breaking on the boat.

corvetta elettrica

The boatyard: craftsman tradition and technological and design innovation

Our passion are sophisticated, responsive and comfortable boats. From the wooden launch Utility Portofino, inspired by the English type launches, to the flagship Paraggina, which has evolved to sail for longer in the maximum comfort, our signature is always visible: elegant lines, responsive and ergonomic design, high quality finishes.

The choice of high end materials and techniques and the possibility to customise furniture, cockpit, equipment make our boats something that lasts.

The sale of our boats: customisation and lifetime assistance

A conversation with Gaetano Mussini and his staff will make you aware of the love and craftman’s care with which Utility Portofino, Corvetta 24 and Paraggina are made.
Customisation, especially regarding the two Paragginas is comprehensive, in order to meet the most demanding requests: the choice of teak or mahogany wood, cockpit, furniture, upholstery, are designed and made according to the owner’s wishes.
The sale of the boat does not end the loving relationship between the builder, the boat and the owner: our boatyard is always available for assistance in regards to maintenance and refit, and storage is offered as well.