Boat storage at the service of Tigullio’s boatowners

In our Rapallo branch are located our two storage yards, where an expert workforce takes care of your boat all year long.

In accordance with the tradition of this practice, which like in the past follows the changing of the seasons, the boats are pulled ashore at the end of the summer to be made available again to the owner at the beginning of the following spring. Between these two moments, the boatyard never rests.

All the care your boat needs

During the winter, your boat will be kept safe in the 3000 square metres of sheltered spaces of the Rapallo yard, that accommodates vessels up to 16 metres long. We take care of the transport from the port to the yard with our own vehicles, and we provide the dust cover that will protect the boat from humidity until you want to use it again.

Upon storage, we do everything necessary to the good care of your boat, for example: descaling the hull, degreasing and cleaning the bilges, completely washing the boat and its accessories with fresh water, applying vaseline oil on steel and chrome, applying anti-humidity spray on the electrical parts. In addition, by calling upon trusted independent professionals, we carry out engine winterising and checks on the electrical systems.
Via S.Pietro 89
16035 Rapallo (Genova) Italy
ph/fax +39 0185 261516 - +39 335 5483787

Via dei Galletti 1A
16035 Rapallo (Genova) Italy
ph/fax +39 0185 206055
boat storage yards

Nothing is left to chance - especially the protection of the environment

The Mussini boatbuilders’ specialty are green processing techniques. In addition to holding all the governmental certifications pertaining to environmental safety and safety at work, we are committed to testing cutting-edge products and techniques for the low environmental impact maintenance of the vessel.

The settling tanks used during the descaling and cleaning of the hull guarantee that the heavy metal residues contained in paints and oils do not remain in the waste water; we use only eco-friendly cleaning products.

We are also testing on our rental boats a water-based antifouling paint. Once sure that this new technique meets our high quality standars, all our customers will be able to enjoy a product at the leading edge of environmental protection.